Lark Industries Automation

Automation-page2At Lark Industries Automation is the path to delivering our clients reliability with high precision, quality, and tight tolerances. Lark features the latest advances in CNC machines and software.

Lark & CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled)

lark-new2CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) refers specifically to an industry standard method of computer control. A CNC operation system manages the direction and speed of machine tools for the purpose of fully automated manufacturing of both simple and complex parts repeatedly.

Automation allows Lark to deliver your product faster, higher-quality, and more cost effectively than our competitors.

Sometimes your business needs handmade – Sometimes you need quality, volume, and affordability

Automation-page1Lark’s Automated and CNC Technology makes it possible to make hundreds or thousands of the same item in a day, depending on the complexity of the item. Our CNC machines use any Computer Aided Design (CAD) designs to manufacture your product to the most precise specifications.

Quality is our Highest Priority

automation-Quality-ControlOur Metrology Department assures that every part is accurately measured in order to pass our vigorous quality control. Whether the part is measured with our state of the art vision system, a simple caliper, or a fixture is required for precise measurement; Lark is equipped with calibrated equipment for a precise measurement every time.  Therefore, our clients reduce any down time from returning bad parts.

Lark’s manufacturing process uses a variety of quality control and error-proofing techniques to ensure quality. We’re determined to produce a final product or part to meet your exact specifications, every time.

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