The highest level of caution and safety in Medical Fabrication!

Medical-Catheters-pageLark’s Medical Fabrication Clean Room facility has filled a void for El Paso companies in the Medical Device and Medical Component industries. Lark Industries serves some of the top medical component providers. Companies from around the US depend on Lark’s outstanding processes and facility.

At Lark we provide technology-driven equipment and trained staff to manufacture components. We also provide secondary operation for the medical manufacturing industry.

Lark has researched and refined our facility making it the ideal place for the secondary operation or fabrication of almost any medical device and component.

Your hard work and innovation deserves the highest quality fabrication facility

Medical-Quality-Control-Vision-SystemOur Cleanroom facility is the ideal environment to manufacture the components your business has worked hard to research, develop, and patent.

We know you wouldn’t trust your devices and components to anything but the highest quality facility. Lark’s cleanroom is setup to meet and exceed the highest standards. The room is complete with:

  • Safe Flooring
  • Filters
  • Workstation Monitors
  • Air Controls
  • Vision Inspection
  • Segregated Gowning Area and Transfer Room

Your peace of mind is top priority at Lark

medical-componant-inspectionWhen you can rely on a dependable medical fabricator, you can focus on what your business does best: research and innovation of new life-saving medical components. When you bring your business to Lark we provide:

  • A reliable quality and safety for your peace of mind
  • A record of dependable quality control
  • Constant refining and improvement of processes to increase productivity, reduce waste and help contain costs
  • A proven supply chain that ensures quality materials, safety, and security

Lark is your turn-key solution medical device fabricator

From small to large, simple to complex, Lark provides turn-key solutions for the fabrication of medical devices and components. Our cleanroom environment is setup to handle and execute the following services with precision and safety:

  • Parts assembly
  • CNC Automation
  • Quality Control
  • Cleaning
  • Sanitizing
  • Secondary Operation

Call us today at (915) 500-4347 so we can get your project started.